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Employee Health Solutions

Bridge the gap between traditional benefits and employee health needs with proactive solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Smiling woman reivews mental well being assessment

Mental Well-being Assessment: Expert support for mental health

Engage employees to be proactive about their mental health through a digital, mental well-being assessment followed by a one-on-one consultation with a mental health professional. Your employees gain a better understanding on the barriers that may be impacting their day-to-day functions at home and work.

For employees looking to improve their mental health, the Mental Well-being Assessment provides healthy behaviour coaching – for issues such as improved sleep, better nutrition, or mending relationships – that encourages them to achieve their personal best.

Physician assesses patient using stethoscope

Patient Support Centre: Support for chronic conditions

An expert care team will guide and support employees facing complex medical issues. A dedicated client care coordinator will book all necessary appointments on your employee’s behalf with the right specialist within our preferred network, to ensure timely access to the care they need.

Complex case medical charts are reviewed and second opinions are recommended, if necessary, with preferred providers globally.

Physician reviews x-ray results with patient via virtual consultation

Year-Round Care: Medical visits from anywhere in Canada

With Medcan year-round care, your employees can book appointments to receive urgent medical attention for everyday health concerns from anywhere in Canada.

Medical appointments in person or via video, Monday to Saturday: Same-day or next-day physician visits ensure employees don’t delay care and get back to work quickly.

Worry-free post visit care: Client care coordinators arrange any necessary appointments, diagnostic tests or prescription orders so that your employees don’t have to.

Travel health support: Best-in-class medical care at home and abroad ensures medical coverage for your employees while on the road.

Client prepares to take a cheek swab DNA test

Pharmacogenomics: The right medication with less trial and error

Identify the proper treatment path for your employees through a simple cheek swab genetic test that predicts medication efficacy, informs dosage, and promotes safe usage of prescription drugs to achieve better health outcomes and a prompt return to work.

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