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Perspective paper: The house call makes its virtual comeback

Telemedicine is a word to describe a wide range of virtual and telehealth solutions. What are they and how can your company benefit from providing your employees with these innovative technologies? Read our perspective paper to find out.

Excerpt: Telemedicine and virtual care are some of the terms used to describe real-time or monitored medical interaction and communication between a doctor and their patient. While the concept of virtual healthcare is not new (telemedicine has been in Canada since the late 1950s), its adoption has increased in Canada with the rising use and familiarity of mobile and internet technology.In Canada, most virtual health efforts benefitting employees are still in the early phases of implementation among corporate settings. In comparison, a majority of large American companies have standardized the practice and are seeing benefits to their employees’ wellbeing and the bottom line.In fact, almost 50 percent of U.S. employers including forward-thinking corporations like Accenture, General Mills and T-Mobile, made telemedicine services available to employees in 2015.


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