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Perspective paper: The real driver of employee health

Simply providing a drug plan isn’t always the answer when it comes to inspiring positive health changes across your organization. Read our perspective paper to learn about how coaching can influence real behaviour changes in your employees.

Excerpt: For organizations committed to employee health and wellness, the focus must be behaviour change. Johns Hopkins Medicine and the Harvard Business Review agree: behaviourally-based wellness programs work. Good intentions only translate into real action and improved outcomes when employees receive customized guidance and broad support. In sport, elite athletes are supported by what is called an integrated support team, led by their coach and including specialists like sports physiologists, nutritionists, massage therapists, and mental performance consultants.While the composition of the team may differ for an employee or an executive, the goal is the same: provide the individual with the information and support necessary to make choices that are good for their long-term health. Whatever your employees’ health goals may be, providing support with programs that employ a coaching methodology is what will ensure success in helping them improve their overall performance and wellness.


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