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We believe that the best diet consists of wholesome, minimally processed, mainly plant-based foods in reasonable quantities. We don’t buy into fads or single-nutrient diets, which fall short in supporting our immunity and mental health.

- Shaun Francis
A healthy salad including red onions, leafy greens, croutons and peas.

Nourish by Medcan

Curated by Executive Chef Jason Smidt and Registered Dietitian Leslie Beck, Nourish by Medcan’s meals and snacks spotlight fresh local ingredients with a seasonal flair – an ode to the Mediterranean diet.

Whether you’re self-isolating, social distancing, or are sick and can’t make it to a grocery store, Nourish by Medcan has you and your family covered with healthy, nutrient-dense meals designed to support immunity and recovery.

Nutrition programs with Leslie Beck, RD

Whether your goal is to lower your blood pressure or blood sugar, ease digestive upset, have more energy or simply stay healthy as you age, working one-on-one with a Medcan dietitian will help you eat healthfully today and for the long term. Personalized nutrition advice, meal plans and ongoing coaching provide the knowledge, support and accountability you need to achieve your diet-related health goals.

Leslie Beck – Director of Food & Nutrition at Medcan – can work with you 1-on-1 to help you achieve your diet and health goals, providing a sustainable meal plan customized to your lifestyle and health factors, and ongoing coaching.

Our nutrition programs can be done in-person, by telephone or virtually. Nutrition counselling by a registered dietitian may be covered under your extended benefits plan, so be sure to check with your benefits manager.

Weight management

Reaching your best weight is one of the most important ways to improve your health, self-image and confidence. At Medcan, our health experts apply their expertise in cognitive behavioural therapy and nutrition science to help you build life-changing skills to achieve and maintain your best weight.

Together with the expertise and services we offer to improve overall health, you’ll have all the help you need to accelerate your progress, including a dedicated physician and support team, and complete flexibility with in-person or virtual sessions—via smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

A bowl of vegetables including carrots, cauliflower, onions and a half of a beetroot.

Ep. 28: The Best-Ever Protein Explainer with Prof. Stuart Phillips

How much protein do you need if you’re trying to lose weight but build muscle? What’s better—plant- or animal-based protein? Can you consume too much protein? In an interview with McMaster Prof. Stuart Phillips, guest host Leslie Beck tackles these questions and more.

Ep. 22: How to Beat Common Calorie Blunders

Exercising and eating well but it doesn’t make a difference? Medcan Director of Food and Nutrition Leslie Beck steps in as guest host to describe eight common calorie blunders that could be keeping you from losing weight. She also provides tips on how to solve them.

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