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Genomic Health Assessment

Whole Genome Sequencing + Annual Health Assessment

In an age of unproven genetic products, the Genomic Health Assessment stands apart as the only comprehensive genomic offering of its kind. Designed to provide a personalized view of your health using millions of unique data points from Whole Genome Sequencing, combined with evidence-based insights from our world-class clinical team. A new era of personalized health and wellness has arrived – leverage information based on your genetic makeup to help you navigate your life-long well-being journey.

World-Class Collaboration

We’ve designed a comprehensive assessment that is rooted in evidence-based insights from our signature Annual Health Assessment, overlayed with the highest quality DNA analysis from the world-renowned Genome Diagnostics Laboratory at SickKids Hospital.

Holistic Personal Insights

Access a personalized view of short- and long-term health insights that can be used to guide clinical or lifestyle choices. Our team of experts helps you understand and leverage this information to help navigate and optimize your health and well-being journey.

Proprietary Design, Ongoing Analysis

Designed with prevention, data quality and privacy at its core. This exclusive assessment is for individuals looking to optimize their health and wellness. Your DNA sample remains in Canada and will be part of an ongoing reporting engine that provides updated interpretation of DNA variants as genomic advancements are made.

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Your Genomic Health Assessment Includes:

  • Consultation with a board-certified genetic counsellor, before and after testing*
  • Whole Genome Sequencing analysis by the Genome Diagnostics Laboratory at SickKids Hospital
  • Comprehensive diagnostic report of ~4000 genes which includes markers for:
    • Adult-onset medical conditions for cancer and cardiovascular risk, hearing and vision loss, neurological conditions and other rare genetic diseases
    • Carrier screening for child-onset medical conditions
    • Common conditions such as: late onset Alzheimer’s disease, celiac disease, Type 1 diabetes, age related macular degeneration and Crohn’s disease
    • Individual medication response (Pharmacogenomics)
  • A five-hour head-to-toe health assessment on-site at Medcan
    • Up to 15 personalized diagnostic tests depending on your age, sex, health status and genomic test results
    • A private one-on-one consultation with a Medcan physician to review blood panel, ultrasound and other results from your assessment
    • Between tests, head to our lounge for a nutrient-packed breakfast or lunch, snacks and beverages from Nourish by Medcan
    • Unparalleled post-care to book appointments and referrals with a Medcan specialist or refer you to a preferred specialist within your community
    • Simple and actionable reporting accessible through myMedcan – our secure online portal
  • Access to updated versions of Whole Genome Sequencing analysis as genetic advancements are made (no additional samples required)

Leverage these powerful results and insights to guide lifestyle choices, take actionable clinical intervention, and to pass on relevant information for children and relatives.

*Post-test genetics consultation will occur 3-4 months after whole genome sequencing blood draw.
To be used for proactive purposes only. Not designed to be used for the diagnosis of rare disease. Available to individuals 18 years and older.