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Webinar | The science of behaviour change and how to power through to your goals

Time: 12 noon - 12:45 p.m. EST

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Presented by: Dr. Amanda Beaman, Clinical Psychologist, Medcan and Megan McAdam, RN, BScN, Nurse Case Manager, All Employee Offer, Medcan 

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When it comes to healthy behaviours, you probably know what you must do.
You just don’t do them.

You’re not alone.  Behaviour change is hard, but there are good reasons to keep on trying.  Adopting healthy behaviours today can help you feel your best tomorrow, and protect your brain and body in later years.

But how do you get beyond the obstacles between where you are now and where we want to be?

Join us during this Medcan webinar, when a registered nurse and clinical psychologist will discuss health coaching and sustainable behaviour change.

This discussion will cover:

  • The science of behaviour change: what works, what doesn’t
  • What is health coaching
  • How to get started on your own
  • When to seek external support

Successful change happens in stages. The process, when and how, is unique to every individual. Research shows that long-lasting change requires specific approaches and continuous support during every stage of change.  While there may be some people who can do this on their own, most people require a coach of some sort to keep them on track when moving forward. And, to be there when backtracking happens.

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Your panelists

Dr. Amanda Beaman, C.Psych. 

Dr. Beaman specializes in evidence-based treatments such as Cognitive Behaviour and Mindfulness-Based therapies.  She has worked in private practice as well as academic, hospital, primary care, and corporate settings, providing diagnostic assessments, group and individual therapy, continuing education, and clinical supervision. She has been practising as a registered clinical psychologist since 2009. She completed her doctoral training at Concordia University, and her clinical residency within the Mood and Anxiety Program at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).  Dr. Beamon is currently completing her yoga instructor training and plans to integrate yoga into her practice, in accordance with its emerging evidence-base as an adjunct to psychotherapy.

Megan McAdam, RN, BScN, Nurse Case Manager, All Employee Offer, Medcan 

Megan McAdam is passionate about healthy behaviour change and patient education, which lead to her certified training with Wellcoach® .  Previously, Megan was a Nurse Consultant at Medcan where she focused on health teaching and education with patients. Previous to Medcan, Megan was an Emergency Department Nurse at Credit Valley Hospital. She is a graduate of Queen’s University in Kingston where she earned her registered nurse degree. 

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