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Announcing Medcan’s All-Employee Offering

A new program to revitalize the health of your workforce

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Revitalizing health care in today’s modern workforce

Medcan’s new All-Employee Offering is designed to personalize the wellness experience for today’s modern workforce. During the last 30 years, we have established an international reputation for client-care services like the Annual Health Assessment (AHA). We’re best known for providing preventive, evidence-based, integrated health services while being outcome-focused. With services like fitness training, nutrition, genetics and psychological counseling, we are proud to say we have saved lives, prevented illness and prolonged lifespans.

As we extend the capabilities enabled by our digital transformation, we’re pursuing an expanded client base with virtual technology. The four additional services we’re introducing are cost-effective and provide a compelling return on investment. Employers can either bundle these services all together or offer a selection to employees à la carte. We intend to work with our corporate partners to assist with talent retention and engagement while managing their healthcare, disability and drug costs.

Understanding our four new offerings

Employers will have access to more data about the health of their workforce, enabling better design of corporate wellness programs and services.

The new offerings include:

  • Virtual Health Consults: The first new category in almost a generation for group and employee benefits. Most virtual care providers amount to tech companies pursuing market opportunities. They focus primarily on technical connection issues. As a wellness provider, Medcan is laser-focused on the patient experience and improving health outcomes through the tool of high-quality virtual care. Our virtual consults enable employees to experience one-on-one video visits anywhere in the world with our best-in-class physicians and other health professionals. We operate on a closed-loop system, and the consults are complemented by a team of professionals that are organized as the Patient Support Centre, comprising of physicians, nurses and referral specialists who ensure compliance and no loose ends.
  • Mental Well-Being: Thanks to heightened awareness, employers and employees both are more focused on mental-health issues. We can provide a full suite of proactive, diagnostic, preventive mental-health assessments to assist with managing everything from basic issues to multifactorial problems. Addressing everything from depression and anxiety to addiction and stress, our program will help individuals reach their potential no matter where they reside on the mental-health spectrum.
  • Complex Case Management: Options exist for case-management support for specific employees who are dealing with complex health issues. But other case managers rarely have Medcan’s experience navigating the health-care system. Their focus primary targets reducing costs and preventing fraud. Important goals, certainly, but Medcan adds value in this product category because we’re focused on achieving optimal health outcomes, namely, helping the employee get better.
  • Diabetes and Weight Management: It is estimated that one out of every four Canadians live with diabetes or prediabetes and sadly the statistic is trending upward. No fit-for-purpose programming exists to consistently support this employee population. Rather than having a single diabetes-management protocol, Medcan’s programs are curated to respond to existing segmentation profiles from a behaviour, socio-economic and lifestyle standpoint. The result is carefully tailored to numerous different employee cohorts.

Where we’ve been and where we are going

Over the past two years, more clients have been purchasing selected services from Medcan for expanded numbers of employees For example, our virtual-consult technology allows us to provide Year-Round Care to an international corporation with locations scattered around the country. To use the service, employees simply access our virtual environment to check in with Medcan health professionals. The employee uses online tools to book an appointment. Before the arranged time, the physician reviews medical history and any client concerns to make the most of the employee’s time. The actual appointment is a secure one-on-one consultation, with follow up provided by our Centralized Patient Support Centre.

We’re excited about the opportunity to enhance our relationships with our corporate clients through the new All-Employee-Offering. By providing more employees with opportunities to engage with more Medcan health professionals, our partners are able to gather deeper and more meaningful data on how best to care for their workforces. That, in turn, empowers employers to reduce drug costs, enhance employee engagement and improve short- and long-term disability outcomes. Medcan’s modeling estimates that for every dollar spent on our services, employers have the opportunity to reduce by $1.75 the costs associated with disability and prescription drug consumption, as well as employee absence and lost productivity.

Interested in learning more? Speak to an account manager to engage in a solution workshop to learn how Medcan services can complement your existing programs.

Ashim Khemani is the president of Medcan. He is the author of Canadian Group Insurance Benefits—A Practitioner’s Guide and Reference Manual, and the co-author of Global Health Care Systems: A Perspective on Issues, Practices and Trends Among OECD Nations.

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