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From the Clinical Director of Genetics | Canada’s leader in personalized medicine since 2005

Why Medcan Genetics is recognized as a North American leader in preventive personalized medicine

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Established in 2005, Medcan Genetics has evolved from a consult-only based service for a handful of clients into a multi-faceted and integrated genomic testing program. There is no other centre in Canada (and only handful of places in the world) successfully integrating cutting-edge preventive genomics technology into primary care. This is what drew me and our incredible team of genetic counsellors here initially, and why we continue to work to bring the most advanced individualized medicine to our clients. It is one of the most exciting genetics programs in the country.

“For over a decade, Medcan has been on the leading edge of bringing genomics and genetics to patients for preventive and individualized healthcare. Before others recognized its importance and application in everyday medicine, we made it a cornerstone of our daily care. That head start over 13 years ago, supported by leading genetic counsellors from Canada and the U.S., set us up to be recognized as a North American leader in preventive personalized medicine today,” says Dr. James Aw, Chief Medical Officer.

In a field where the only constant is change, there is one thing we continue to learn time and time again: genetics is complicated. Consumer genetic testing companies and mainstream media are quick to claim a “simple blood test” will tell you X, Y and Z. In reality, there is nothing simple about this area of medicine.

Context is everything when it comes to genetic and genomic testing. Medcan clients benefit from our team-based approach, which often means collaborative management provided by our genetic counsellors, physicians and specialty providers.

There are four principles that we use to guide the Medcan Genetics program:

  1. We only offer programs that are scientifically credible and only partner with reputable and well respected laboratories.
  2. We focus on programs that provide clients with actionable information that can be used to proactively manage their health.
  3. We strive to integrate genetics into our overall medical service, which is only possible because of Medcan’s unique environment and the diversity of our in-house providers and specialists.
  4. Last, but certainly not least, we continue to innovate.

As long as the science continues to evolve, Medcan Genetics will continue to be the first to bring the most leading-edge technologies and comprehensive programs to our clients.

Allison Hazell is a Canadian and U.S. certified genetic counsellor. She is a board-member and past president of the Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors (CAGC).

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