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The year we have liftoff

Looking ahead to the exciting launches to come in 2020

Space shuttle above the clouds

Engineers in the tech world have a saying: Don’t try to build a ladder to the moon. The adage involves achievement strategies for ambitious projects—moonshots.

Imagine two teams competing to reach the moon. One opts to build a ladder while the other chooses to construct a rocket. For a long time, the ladder team seems to be ahead because they’re adding rungs to their ladder every day. Getting closer and closer to the moon.

Meanwhile, their competitors, the rocket scientists, don’t seem to make any progress at all. Their rocket just sits there, on the launch pad. Until that fateful day that the ignition is triggered, and the rocket blasts off toward its lunar objective.

Medcan spent much of 2019 working on our own slate of ambitious projects in the form of our digital transformation.

Things began with the deployment of electronic medical records for clients. Then in October we launched Workday, a single system for finance, HR and planning that formed a key part of our organization-wide effort to make the Medcan experience smoother and more effective. Next, December hailed the rollout of our Salesforce platform.

All of it together is intended to empower our clients and enable our colleagues to serve our clients with a level of service and responsiveness they’ve never experienced before in the health and wellness space. The deployments position Medcan as the key partner in an ecosystem of health technology and clinicians to ensure that clients live well, for life.

The digital transformation sets up 2020 as our liftoff year. The foundational improvements behind the scenes set the stage for a whole host of exciting launches. We have also been working through a complementary client-service model transformation and enhancing our data models to collectively deliver maximum beneficial impact to our clients.

Physical expansion

First, the strategic side of the business. Our customers have become accustomed to calling 150 York the Medcan centre, which is great—and we’ll be expanding to other floors through the course of the year. Even more exciting, 2020 will also mark numerous other expansions. Medcan’s Oakville location will open later this year—and we see Oakville as only the start of our journey toward a national network of Medcan-branded clinics. The strategy also encompasses our expanding network of partner clinics that serve our clients across Canada. (Ask your Medcan contact for more details.)

Medcan for all

With the help of digital technology, we’re launching a whole host of services that will be available and accessible in more ways than ever before. Because health care in the public system can be tricky for people to access. Some clients can’t drive. Appointments are waitlisted or available at inconvenient times. Patients are overwhelmed with different advice from numerous clinicians—and no one’s coordinating the overall care.

So Medcan is fine-tuning a complementary set of services designed to meet our clients where and when they need us. We offer virtual consults today as part of our Year-Round Care memberships. In future, we are expanding the scope and availability of these services via both scheduled and on-demand solutions. Medcan’s commitment to our clients has been based on an ethos of closed-loop systems; with the investments in new technologies and business processes, we will be able to enhance our pro-activeness in our outreach to our clients.

Regardless of how you’re reaching us, you’ll be served by a health professional who has access to your most up-to-date electronic medical record. Because everyone serving you is current and fully informed, the linkage among your providers personalizes your health advice so it’s perfect for you.

Streamlining the 24/7 Service Offering

Health and wellbeing transcends the limits of the 9-to-5 business day. Care and prevention happens at all hours of the day. So one of the most exciting components of the digital transformation is our 2020 commitment to streamline our existing on-demand services.

Looking to consult the last blood pressure reading on your electronic medical record? Seeking advice from a clinician on a health matter?

In future, it’ll become easier than ever before to consult with Medcan professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Clients in need of an afterhours consult will be able to seek advice or information on whichever technology platform they prefer.

Speaking metaphorically, the last twelve months at Medcan was spent on the launch pad, performing the back-end work required to actually construct our rockets. Now, we’re entering our launch year. To help inspire our clients to live well, for life with our eat move think philosophy, we’ve positioned ourselves as Canada’s health inspiration company. Happy new year for 2020: the year Medcan achieves liftoff


Ashim Khemani is the President of Medcan. He is the author of Canadian Group Insurance Benefits—A Practitioner’s Guide and Reference Manual, and the co-author of Global Health Care Systems: A Perspective on Issues, Practices and Trends Among OECD Nations.

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