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Rethinking Women’s Health at Medcan

Group of female employees

Earlier this spring we received feedback from one of our clients via email that said, essentially, that Medcan wasn’t doing enough to provide services for our female clients in the area of women’s health. To sum up the gist of the email, the feedback observed that we had a Men’s Vitality program—and so why wouldn’t we have some comparative program for women, as well?

We take seriously all feedback from our clients. Numerous Medcan programs cater to women. I’m proud of the way we provide onsite mammography and, if there are any concerns, breast ultrasound (often with results delivered the same day). We provide bone mineral density screening as a preventive measure against osteoporosis for women over 50, and have a dedicated nutrition module designed specifically for women. We are fortunate to have an excellent roster of clinicians and physicians with expertise in women’s health, including OB/GYN and menopause management certification.

All the same, I discussed the matter with female staff here at Medcan, as well as numerous female colleagues and friends, and I discovered that many of them agreed with the sentiment that motivated the email’s sending. They felt that the wellness industry as a whole could do more for women. There could be more practitioners with specific training in women’s health issues, for example. Staff cited the need for a program that specifically targeted female cancers, and women’s fertility.

Wellness options related to women’s aging also represented a need. As some men undergo age-associated changes, such as hair loss and declining testosterone levels, the wellness industry provides them with options, including Medcan’s own Men’s Vitality program. And its true—at this point, we do not have a female equivalent, in terms of a program for peri-menopausal or menopausal women.

“Right now, it feels like we’re just on our own, as we go through this massive life change,” one of my female friends observed. “It would be nice if we had someone we trusted, to consult with, throughout the journey.”

Timing also played a role in these considerations. The year, 2019, represented the first in this company’s history that women have accounted for half of our client base. All of these factors together helped me to realize the need to improve the way we handle women’s health. Not only that—that we needed to prioritize this effort.

At Medcan, we consider ourselves to be our clients’ wellness partner, one who is there during all aspects of life, from youth to one’s senior years. Our female clients deserved to feel understood, and empowered, and supported here through any and all of their wellness needs.

So in May, we convened a workshop that saw nearly two dozen mostly female staffers brainstorming about how to rectify the situation.

The ideas discussed were exciting, and creative, and hopeful. They reflected a confidence, that improving Medcan’s service offerings for women was important, as well as a hard-headed determination to do the work required to make that improvement happen.

I would love to describe many of the ideas here, but I think this is a case where I’d prefer to stand by the maxim, deeds not words—the motto, interestingly, of the women’s suffragette movement in the early decades of the 20th century.

Beginning soon, thanks to a process begun by an email, with additional momentum provided by a workshop of Medcan female staff members, you’ll begin to notice numerous changes to our service offerings. Further changes will evolve over the coming months and years. For now, the message is, we’ve heard the feedback, and we’re adapting our business to improve our service offerings for women.

While that journey is proceeding, we’d love to hear your ideas. To provide feedback on how Medcan could better partner with our female clients through their life journeys, send me your thoughts directly through email, at, or via one of my social media channels—on LinkedIn, or Twitter and Instagram.

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