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Investing in your health, the smartest thing to do with your money

Medcan offers personalized healthcare solutions to premium Wealthsimple clients

Toronto, ON – (January 29, 2019) — Wealthsimple and Medcan announced today an exclusive collaboration to partner financial and personal health. As part of Wealthsimple Generation, the new premium service for clients who deposit $500k+, investors will now receive a Comprehensive Health Plan from Medcan on preferred terms.

Wealthsimple currently offers two other service tiers: Basic, for clients who deposit $0 to $100,000, and Black, for clients with $100,000 to $500,000. With Generation, clients who deposit $500,000 or more will have access to several benefits and privileges, including exclusive pricing from Medcan.

According to Ashim Khemani, president at Medcan, “Financial health and personal health go hand in hand. Both take planning, proactivity and working with trusted specialists who will provide the best guidance at the right time. We are thrilled to be able to support and coach Generation clients to reach their health goals while their financial health is managed by Wealthsimple.”

This is the first collaboration of its kind, and Medcan is delighted that more Canadians will be able to take advantage of its services.

About Medcan (

Medcan provides organizations and individuals with services that inspire them to live well through achieving their very best health – in both body and mind.

Medcan has a comprehensive range of diagnostic assessments, which, in combination with innovative programs tailored to specific needs, are designed to successfully reach improved health outcomes. Over 90 physicians and specialists, including those in pain and weight management, nutrition, genetics, fitness, sports medicine and psychology, offer a broad roster of complementary healthcare disciplines. Refine by Medcan, our dermatology branch, applies the Medcan wellness philosophy to the care of your skin – because how you look largely determines how you feel. Nourish by Medcan leverages elements of the well-researched and plant-based Mediterranean diet to offer personal meal planning as well as catering services for large events.

Medcan partners with over 1,200 corporate accounts and 50,000 private clients to set and achieve health and wellness goals. We provide health and lifestyle management services, on-site and by video, for individuals, families and organizations across Canada. Our team of over 550 Medcanners sees clients in-clinic and virtually from our downtown Toronto location. Medcan also supports clients across the country through a carefully-curated network of affiliate clinics.


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