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LIVEWELL 2018 Recap: Effective Workplace Behaviour Change

A discussion with Medcan's Dr. David Macklin

Dr. David Macklin

At the LIVEWELL 2018 Summit, we listened to experts in the medical, business and benefits industries discuss innovations in workplace wellness and employee benefits. The following highlights are extracted from Effective Workforce Behaviour Change, a presentation by Dr. David Macklin, Director, Weight Management.


Key Learnings

Quality of life

From a primary prevention perspective, there are five behaviours that will determine our quality of life and health going forward: if we are at our best weight, if we are eating healthy, if we are fit, strong and flexible, if we are smoking cigarettes, and if we are consuming too much alcohol. It is reported that 80% of chronic diseases come from these behaviours.

Prevention strategies

There is a growing interest from Canadian employers to increase productivity and decrease healthcare costs. The question is: Can we create behavioural changes that help both our employees and the corporation?

The role of behavioural attributes

As a human species, we successfully adapted to an environment where calories were scarce. For that reason, there is a system within us to subconsciously drive our attention to cues that suggest the availability of dense calories. This instinct redirects our attention and drives us toward the opportunity for consumption. This is a key behavioral attribute that can affect workplace wellness and cost employers.

Workplace challenges

Obesity and weight gain results in absenteeism, higher medical costs and expenditures in the workplace. Medcan’s weight management program is the most effective in Canada, with outcomes that no one else can claim. Offering such treatments to an employee base in a formal and behavioral way promotes weight loss and lowers risk factors, presenteeism, absenteeism and healthcare costs.

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