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LIVEWELL 2018 Recap: The Patient of the Future

A discussion with Medcan's Dr. James Aw

Dr. James Aw

At the LIVEWELL 2018 Summit, we listened to experts in the medical, business and benefits industries discuss innovations in workplace wellness and employee benefits. The following highlights are extracted from The Patient of the Future: Can we deliver on the promise of precision prevention?, a presentation by Dr. James Aw, Chief Medical Officer.


Key Learnings

A new era of healthcare

We are in the midst of an incredibly exciting time in healthcare, largely owed to the role of artificial intelligence. Jobs that still require human connection and social interaction – like social workers – will survive, while more technical roles – like radiology – will become obsolete as they’re replaced by robots.

The empowered patient

More and more patients are demanding access to their healthcare data – and will soon play a larger role themselves in providing information. Through the use of new technologies, like temporary tattoos that can calculate UV radiation exposure, we will continue to find innovative ways to empower patients to be a part of their health solution.

Less is more

We only tend to retain 40-50% of the information shared by our doctors. For this reason, health practitioners must find new ways to simplify the distribution of information to their patients – from 1-page reports to pictograms.

Value-based care

Good healthcare isn’t cheap. We must figure out how to establish measurable health outcomes that can make a difference – at a low cost. This means finding ways to cut down on unnecessary prescriptions and doctor visits, and executing more studies on home-based, low-impact, and precision-based healthcare.

One size does not fit all

In order for them to stick, today’s healthcare approaches must be easy for both the healthcare provider and the community.

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