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A note from Shaun Francis: Refine by Medcan

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At Medcan we believe true wellness encompasses day-to-day personal choices—how we eat, move and think—that make for a sound mind and body. That’s why we take a proactive and preventive approach to maintaining optimum health and performance—including how to ensure your skin looks and feels the best that it can.

Which is why we’re so excited to tell you about Refine by Medcan, our first-ever street-level expansion at 150 York.

Refine by Medcan applies our wellness philosophy to the care of your skin, because how you look represents a big part of how you feel.

Our unparalleled staff of medical doctors and health professionals have curated industry-leading dermatology products and treatments that harness the latest technology to stay relevant to your needs. Whether you’re seeking the solution to a medical concern or looking for advice on a cosmetic detail, we believe it makes sense to invest in your skin—because it’s your lifelong accessory.

In addition, Refine by Medcan is the first step toward a transformation of our physical environment that eventually will encompass all our service offerings. The new space, located on the ground floor in our flagship location of 150 York Street, was created in collaboration with a global design company with simplicity of space and movement in mind. We’ve sought to create a timeless and contemporary feeling using a mix of materials, iconic furniture, and Canadian art that symbolize the way we want every aspect of your visit to feel.

The last 30 years have seen us expand from our initial medical-only focus into broader offerings in nutrition, food, mental-health, and the country’s largest personal training studio. Refine by Medcan is just one more step in that holistic growth.

We’re excited to be your partner in a lifelong commitment to healthy and beautiful skin. Hope to see you soon.

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Shaun Francis

Chair and CEO

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