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LIVEWELL 2018 Recap: Q&A with Shaun Francis

A discussion with Medcan's Shaun Francis and Ashim Khemani

Shaun Francis and Ashim Khemani

At the LIVEWELL 2018 Summit, we listened to experts in the medical, business and benefits industries discuss innovations in workplace wellness and employee benefits. The following highlights are extracted from a Q&A session with Medcan Chair and CEO Shaun Francis and Medcan President Ashim Khemani.


Key Learnings

It’s all about integration

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t about finding work-life balance. Rather, it’s about integration. We can never shake the quantity of work we have, so instead we must find ways to make time for incremental lifestyle changes.

If you don’t use it, you lose it

Moving is the key to longevity. While engaging in regular cardio can certainly help us reach the age of 85, it is the inclusion of resistance training that will give us the ability to MOVE.

It’s never too late

Regardless of where we’re at physically, any incremental changes we implement will have a positive impact on our overall health – so long as they’re sustainable. Start by establishing a single goal, like getting out of the office for regular lunchtime walks. Once you find success, ask yourself, “What’s next?”

Establishing a core belief

Today’s businesses are dealing with rising benefit program costs. In order to implement wellness programs in the workplace, it’s on employers to set the tone by acknowledging their responsibility to support the longevity of their employees. Companies must accept that healthier workers are better performers and think about how they can provide the right resources to help them on their wellness journey. Ultimately, there must be a cultural change in the workplace to adopt and sustain the Eat Move Think mentality.


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