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What to Expect from Medcan’s Digital Transformation

Our company’s historic launch begins this October

Man presses keyboard as digital symbols swirl around his fingers.

Over the past two years, Medcan has laid the foundation of a thoughtful new digital company—a progressive Medcan that leverages software and technology complemented by sophisticated business processes to enhance client outcomes. Medcan is positioning itself as the key partner in an ecosystem of health technology to ensure that you live well, for life.

Throughout the journey of our digital transformation, we’ve worked to implement Salesforce, the Silicon Valley provider of enterprise software, as well as Workday, a solution for finance, human resources,  payroll and planning. We’ve also deployed a new Electronic Medical Records system—and unified all the solutions in a secure manner.

Our digital transformation is coupled with a business model transformation and is set up to routinely plug in to the fast-changing consumer electronics space. Devices like our phones and tablets have encouraged us to assume that almost anything can be done, anytime, from anywhere. For example, I love the way my Apple Watch can provide an electrocardiogram readout or measure my blood pressure on-demand. But there’s a problem with that information. It tends to come without context, most of the time, and is not coupled with health care that may be warranted to react and address those readings—other than rush to an Emergency Room, of course. Most people accessing these apps view their readings in isolation,  and are not able to connect this newly found data with other tests they may have taken. Medcan’s digital transformation is intended to address such glaring deficiencies.

While my example above involved the Apple Watch, it’s important to note that our system will be platform-agnostic—it’ll work regardless of whether your technology is an Android or iOS device. The system will allow you to send your data to Medcan, so that we can track it, to flag problems as they arise and partner with you on a path toward lifestyle-change empowerment when that’s required.

Medcan has provided customers with wellness management as part of our Year-Round Care offering. Thanks to our upcoming digital transformation, that service will improve. In future months, Medcan clients will begin to notice the digital transformation in the following ways:

  • The MyMedcan engagement portal will transform into a contemporary and intuitive user experience, providing a self-serve online reservation system that empowers you to book your own appointments, such as Annual Health Assessments.
  • Our outreach to you will transform. Rather than a phone call or email from a nurse, your contact with Medcan will happen along a care pathway. This is a roadmap that you’ll be able to engage with digitally. It will feature more interaction with our clinicians. Instead of individual transactions, your relationship with Medcan will exist as a much more fluid continuity of care, one that stays constant through the ebbs and flows of life.
  • Our care will become much more anticipatory and personalized specifically to you. What’s your next wellness goal? Do you want to run your first 5k or your second triathlon? Sleep better? Drop five pounds? Or just get your LDL cholesterol score down to a manageable level? Whatever your priority, we will work alongside you as a partner in the process.

In our healthcare system we hear from people who encounter problems and then feel lost, as they try to navigate a bewildering realm of hospitals, specialists and laboratories, none of which are connected, with no single entity managing that care.

Medcan’s digital transformation is intended to rectify that situation. We all want to pursue a healthy lifestyle that positions us for a long, happy and active life. With this digital transformation enabling us to become your one-stop repository of health information, Medcan is positioning itself to become the partner who understands your journey.


Ashim Khemani is the president of Medcan. He is the author of Canadian Group Insurance Benefits—A Practitioner’s Guide and Reference Manual, and the co-author of Global Health Care Systems: A Perspective on Issues, Practices and Trends Among OECD Nations.

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