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Athletic Performance Assessment

Professional cyclist wears mask and rides on stationary bike.

If you’re looking to reach a fitness goal, whether it’s rebuilding strengths after time away from exercise or achieving a personal best, you need every ounce of your training effort to count.

The Athletic Performance Assessment gives you and your fitness trainer a complete view of your abilities so that your training regime can be tailored to your needs.

Athletic Performance Assessment
Results for Effective Training

The assessment involves 15 tests typically reserved for professional athletes, including the VO2 Max, the gold standard for identifying heart rate training zones you should achieve to optimize cardiovascular training. Your results are analyzed and interpreted by an exercise physiologist who will customize a detailed training program for you, including:

Detailed indicators of your current fitness abilities

Such as strength or mobility asymmetries

To aim for while training so that you can maximize results

When this assessment is completed with frequency, you’ll have a strong indicator of your improvement over time.

A Metric-Driven Assessment
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