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Although some risk factors like age, gender, and family history cannot be controlled, there are many ways you can reduce your ocular disease risk.

A comprehensive eye exam, performed by a Medcan optometrist, identifies your current visual health and provides client-specific education to help you actively manage your eye-care in the future.

And because many ocular conditions are closely related to systemic disease, our optometrists work closely with Medcan physicians to provide you with the best preventive care possible.

A comprehensive eye exam is recommended to ensure early diagnosis and treatment of eye disease. It includes:

  • An evaluation of your vision, eye coordination, and focusing ability
  • A thorough ocular health assessment, including digital retinal photography which provides detailed images of the interior portion of your eye and assists in the diagnosis of macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and other retinal diseases and disorders
  • An updated vision correction prescription
  • Counseling and education on eye health concerns
  • Where interested, an evaluation of your candidacy for laser vision correction

Coverage for eye examinations is offered in most extended healthcare insurance packages.

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