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Travel Health

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***Travel Alert: Traveling to Africa or South America? Select vaccines are currently experiencing a global supply shortage. Please contact our Client Service Team for more details (416) 350-3621***

Before you travel, Medcan can prepare you and your family for a healthy trip. Your appointment includes a 30-minute consultation with a Global Infectious Disease Specialist who will create a country-specific health information package, complete with prescriptions and recommended travel vaccinations.

Our Travel Health team can offer advice on anti-nausea/diarrhea, insect repellants and travel kits required for most destinations.

We will also prepare you for the following:

  • Infectious diseases transmitted via insects: malaria, yellow fever, dengue virus, japanese encephalitis, tick fever and others
  • Food and Water Contaminants: parasites, bacteria, schistosomiasis, typhoid fever, cholera and others
  • Human Exposure: Tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis, meningococcus and others
  • Environmental Hazards: altitude sickness, air travel, jet lag and others
  • Animal and Fish Borne Illnesses: Rabies, foot and mouth disease, ciguatera poisoning, tropical skin conditions and others

Immunizations are strongly recommended for many parts of Africa and South America, as well as several Caribbean islands. For travelers requiring yellow fever or Japanese encephalitis immunizations, we recommend having a travel clinic consultation 6 weeks prior to the trip.

A Travel Health consultation 10 days prior to departure is optimal. If you can’t make it 10 days prior to your trip, it is still beneficial to have a travel consultation.

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