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Annual Health Assessment

A physician and patient thoroughly review medical history.

The Annual Health Assessment gives you a complete picture of your current health. It also helps identify risks you may face in the future, so you can begin to proactively manage your health.

During a 5-hour visit, your assessment includes up to 15 diagnostic tests tailored to your needs, conducted in our comfortable clinic. With our on-site lab, your test results are provided the same day, so you can review them with a Medcan physician during a private consultation at the end of your visit.

This consultation is one of the most valuable aspects of the Annual Health Assessment. During this time, you and your physician will discuss areas of health that can be improved upon through changes in lifestyle, as well as those that may require further medical attention.

Our Annual Health Assessment represents a thorough head-to-toe evaluation that goes deeper and broader than any other yearly check up. If better health is your goal, the Annual Health Assessment is the foundation on which it is built.

Medcan is proud to offer Abbott’s High Sensitivity Troponin-I test as part of the Annual Health Assessment’s full panel blood test. It’s used to more accurately identify and predict the risk of future cardiac events in asymptomatic individuals aged 35 and older.

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Annual Health Assessment
What to Expect

Your assessment gives you the critical information you need to prevent and manage disease.

  • When completed annually, your assessment will identify health trends so you have a more comprehensive picture of risks to manage
  • Same-day results bring immediate insight to inform your private consultation with your physician
  • Your assessment includes consultations with a range of health care professionals. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and probe for insight, getting smarter about your health in the process

World-class care before, during and after your assessment.

  • If you have specific health concerns prior to your assessment, a nurse will review those concerns with you in advance of your appointment
  • After your assessment, a nurse consultant and client care coordinator will be assigned to your follow-up needs
  • The nurse consultant will review your results with you in detail and discuss any required next steps
  • If needed, your client care coordinator will work immediately to secure follow-up appointments with a specialist in our best-in-class network, many of whom are on site at Medcan
  • We are also experienced in helping clients access consultations at top global healthcare centres, including Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic
  • You’ll receive full and detailed results on myMedcan, with private and secure access, any time,  any where

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  • The Annual Health Assessment Experience

    When you come to Medcan for an Annual Health Assessment, you’ll discover an exceptional level of care before, during and after your personalized assessment.

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