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Cancer Risk

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Two in five Canadians are expected to develop cancer in their lifetimes. With today’s treatment options, however, survival rates improve dramatically when cancers are diagnosed early. Our cancer risk assessments can either provide insight into your genetic predisposition to hereditary cancers, or detect cancer early so cancer can be ruled out or so treatment options can engaged if needed.

Cancer Risk
Cancer and Cardiac-Specific Screening

Computer generated image of a DNA strandProactive Genetic Screening – Cancer

If you have had a personal diagnosis of cancer, a more targeted genetic test may be applicable for you.

Proactive Genetic Screening gives results that are medically actionable. Using a blood or saliva sample, this testing provides you with an understanding of your risks for hereditary cancers. Identifying these risks allows your healthcare team to take proactive next steps to best manage your health – all with the guidance of a certified genetic counsellor.

Proactive Genetic Screening – Cancer offers you:

  • DNA analysis to determine if you’re at an increased risk for over 25 inherited cancer conditions
  • In-person consultation with a genetic counsellor before and after testing
  • Preventative next steps to reduce your disease impact, and facilitation of care for positive results (such as additional screening and referrals to specialists for ongoing management)

This screening includes analysis of over 60 hereditary cancer genes, including BRCA1 and BRCA2, as well as the five genes associated with Lynch Syndrome.

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