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Genetics & Genetic Counselling

Computer generated image of a DNA double helix

Genetic testing gives you a better understanding of the risks you may face in the future, so you can better manage your health moving forward. Results from genetic testing, together with results from your Annual Health Assessment, give you the insight you need to plan a lifetime of healthier lifestyle choices.

Innovation is at the heart of Medcan Genetics, a champion of responsible access to proactive/preventative genetic and genomic testing. In fact, we were the first clinic in North America to integrate genetic screening into a primary care setting. For over 13 years, we have embraced cutting-edge, clinically-proven technologies and approaches so that our clients benefit from reliable and accurate results.

For some clients, the results of their genetic tests can seem complex, and even a little worrisome. This is why guidance and support from our genetic counsellors are at the center of our service. The genetic counsellor will also provide practical lifestyle advice to ensure that you minimize potential impact of inherited risks.

Genetics & Genetic Counselling
Inherited Risks

Three generations of family walk together outdoorsProactive Genetic Screening

Proactive Genetic Screening gives results that are medically actionable. Using a blood or saliva sample, this testing provides you with an understanding of your risks for hereditary cancers, cardiovascular disease and other health conditions. The results of this testing allow your healthcare team to take proactive next steps to best manage your health – all with the guidance of a certified genetic counsellor.

Proactive Genetic Screening offers you:

  • DNA analysis to determine if you’re at an increased risk for 45 inherited health conditions
  • In-person consultation with a genetic counsellor before and after testing
  • Preventive next steps to reduce your disease impact, and facilitation of care for positive results (such as additional testing or screening, and referrals to specialists for ongoing management)

View Fact Sheet – Proactive Genetic Screening


Late-onset Alzheimer’s Genetic Testing

Late-onset Alzheimer’s disease (diagnosed after age 60) is multifactorial, meaning it is caused by a combination of co-existing factors including age, genetic markers, environmental modifiers, the presence of other health conditions, and lifestyle choices. Testing for a gene called APOE can determine whether you have an increased risk for this condition.

Studies suggest that heart-healthy choices, regular exercise, and staying socially and mentally active as we age help to reduce our risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Studies also show that these preventative strategies are effective, and perhaps even more impactful, for those with a higher genetic risk (i.e. those who carry high-risk variants of the APOE gene).

Late-onset Alzheimer’s Genetic Testing offers you:

  • Consultation with a genetic counsellor before and after testing
  • Review of family history as well as benefits and limitations of genetic testing for Alzheimer’s disease
  • DNA analysis of the APOE gene and a customized report
  • Preventative next steps to reduce disease impact and facilitation of referrals, if indicated

Note: This testing is not intended to be used for diagnostic purposes.


Genetic Family Risk Assessment

Knowing your personal and family health history can provide helpful clues when assessing your risk for disease.

The Genetic Family Risk Assessment is a counselling session that provides you with:

  • A review of risks for genetic disease faced by you and your family members
  • A risk assessment for rare and common diseases that may be showing a higher than average prevalence in your family
  • An understanding of how lifestyle and environment can interact with genetic factors to influence your health and health risks
  • A personalized plan for genetic testing to further identify health risks, if appropriate
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