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Genetics & Genetic Counselling

Minimize the potential impact of inherited risks.

Our genetic tests are offered as add-ons to your Annual Health Assessment or standalone appointments and can be taken on-site at Medcan or virtually after mailing us a saliva sample

  • Proactive Genetic Screening
  • Pharmacogenomic Testing for Medication Response
  • Prenatal and Pregnancy Planning

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Genetics & Genetic Counselling
Inherited Risks

Three generations of family walk together outdoorsProactive Genetic Screening

Proactive Genetic Screening gives results that are medically actionable. Using a blood or saliva sample, it provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your risks for hereditary cancers, cardiovascular disease and other health conditions. The results of this testing allow your healthcare team to take proactive next steps to best manage your health—all with the guidance of a certified genetic counsellor.

Proactive Genetic Screening offers you:

  • DNA analysis to determine if you’re at an increased risk for 45 inherited health conditions
  • An in-person consultation with a genetic counsellor before and after testing
  • Preventive next steps to reduce your disease impact, and facilitation of care for positive results (such as additional testing or screening and referrals to specialists for ongoing management)

If you are looking for more targeted screening, we also offer standalone Cancer or Cardiac Proactive Genetic Screening panels.

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Medication Response Prenatal and Pregnancy Planning Cancer and Cardiac-Specific Screening
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