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Liver Health

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If you are concerned about your liver health or have high risk of liver disease, we offer a specialized assessment to test your liver function and potential risk of liver disease. The liver has an incredible ability to regenerate – so taking action early can improve your future health.

About 20 to 30% of Canadians have a fatty liver, a condition that has the potential to lead to serious liver disease. Risk factors of liver disease include being overweight, a family history of liver disease, and certain levels of alcohol consumption.

Our Liver Health Assessment gives you a comprehensive and quantifiable view of your liver health. Results are reviewed by a collaborative and specialized medical team to provide a personalized plan to manage your liver health.

Liver Health
Comprehensive In-Clinic Screening

The Liver Health Assessment includes:

Non-invasive liver imaging to assess your liver health:

  • Measures both your liver stiffness and fattiness (these are the leading indicators of liver function and potential risk of liver disease)
  • Quantifies your results providing a more thorough screening than the standard abdominal ultrasound
  • Uncovers important markers with only 15 additional minutes to the average Annual Health Assessment day

Additional blood panel to further analyze your liver health markers

Together with your Annual Health Assessment, you will have a complete view of your liver and overall health.

Expert Medical Specialists’ Review
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