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Men’s Health

The Men’s Health Assessment comprises an extensive series of tests that cover the health concerns unique to men, including prostate cancer, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), urinary problems and erectile dysfunction.

This assessment is recommended for those who are concerned with, or have a family history of, prostate disease and other men’s health issues.

The Men’s Health Assessment includes:

A pelvic and transrectal ultrasound

  • Provides an image of the bladder and prostate to identify any signs of prostate cancer through a visualization of the entire prostate.
  • Identifies urinary problems, including blood in the urine, and size of the bladder before and after urination.


  • Evaluates the function of the urinary tract by measuring the volume and speed of urinary flow.
  • Reviews questionnaires and risk stratification models.
  • Assesses your sexual health.
  • Identifies your risk level for prostate cancer.
  • Determines if you have an enlarged prostate.

Coordinator Assessment

A Medcan Men’s Health team member will meet with you to answer any of your questions, review your questionnaires and give you two nomograms to complete.

Results reviewed by the Medcan Director of Urology

Within twelve days of your assessment, we’ll provide you with a report outlining any risks and recommendations.

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