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Men’s Vitality

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If you have experienced a decline in energy or are concerned that you don’t look or feel as healthy as you would like, Men’s Vitality can help.

This medically supervised, three-month program, developed through collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medicine International in 2013, is ideal for men experiencing decreased energy levels, increased anxiety or depression, decreased libido or erectile dysfunction, troublesome urinary symptoms and/or sleeplessness.

Men’s Vitality
Why Has My Energy Declined?

Medcan Men’s Vitality will help uncover the root causes of decreased energy, libido and related conditions. We may find the cause is medical, such as a prostate issue or hormonal imbalance and, if so, will recommend appropriate treatment.

Often the underlying cause of a medical issue such as hormonal imbalance is related to lifestyle factors. Stress levels, poor sleep, lack of exercise and other factors may be contributors to a reduction in vitality. Whether the reasons for your symptoms are medical or lifestyle in nature, this program will help you identify the causes so you can begin to regain your vitality.

3 Steps to Vitality
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