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Annual Health Assessment

A highly detailed and comprehensive picture of your baseline health

Goes deeper and broader than a standard annual physical and provides actionable insights and personalized recommendations all in one day

A total health blueprint to live well, for life

Through our Annual Health Assessment, you will learn more about your health and personal risk factors. In only one day we will deliver personalized recommendations to help you optimize your health and everyday life, informed by detailed investigations into your cardiovascular health, hearing, vision, and fitness, with a dynamic blood and urine panel that checks for a broad range of disease indicators.


Through your assessment and physician consultation, you will leave with a complete picture of your health and comprehensive plan to achieve your goals.

If any health concerns arise during your assessment, you will be referred to a specialist for a follow-up, if required. The full details of your assessment will be made available to you through our secure portal, myMedcan, for you to reference any time and take action.

You can enhance your Annual Health Assessment and explore specific areas of concern you may have. In advance of your appointment, you will have the opportunity to add one or more enhanced screenings to your day. These provide greater insight into your liver and heart health, cancer risk, genetics and gender-specific concerns.


Your assessment is performed by a range of health experts, including a physician, nurse, medical technicians, fitness experts, and optional consultations with a registered dietitian and mental health professional.

Annual Health Assessment

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Get greater peace of mind and explore specific areas of concerns you may have with our suite of enhanced assessments. As a complement to our Annual Health Assessment, these provide greater insights into your liver and heart health, cancer risk, genetics and gender-specific concerns.

Enhanced Heart HealthEnhanced Whole Body HealthEnhanced Genetic Screening

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