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Annual Health Assessment

The ultimate proactive health management tool

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Optimize your health and wellness journey with an Annual Health Assessment, featuring personalized diagnostic tests depending on your age, sex and health status.

It goes deeper and broader than your average yearly physical to paint a detailed picture of your current health and determine future risks at earlier stages to help you effectively manage and reverse illness.

What to Expect

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A Health and Wellness Deep-dive

Receive a head-to-toe evaluation by a range of worldclass health experts, including a physician, dietitian, fitness expert and nurse—all over the course of about five hours. In advance of your appointment, you’ll have an option to include one or more add-ons to your assessment including, but not limited to, genetic screening, a Cardiovascular Risk Assessment and a Liver Health Assessment.

Between tests, head to our lounge for a nutrient-packed breakfast or lunch, snacks and beverages from the Nourish by Medcan menu, curated by Executive Chef Jason Smidt and Registered Dietitian Leslie Beck.

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Same-Day Results and Insights

Your experience includes a private one-on-one consultation with a Medcan physician—one of the most valuable aspects of our Annual Health Assessment. Together you’ll review your results to determine which areas of your health can be improved upon through lifestyle changes, and which may require further medical attention.

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Unparalleled Post-Care

Should any health concerns arise during your assessment, we’ll either book an appointment for you with a Medcan specialist or refer you to a preferred specialist in your community. If your physician recommends it, we can also connect you to respected health experts at top global healthcare centres following your assessment.

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Simple and Actionable Reporting

Your assessment results will be available through myMedcan—our secure online portal—in the days following your assessment.

Screenings and Tests

An in-depth evaluation from head to toe.

Physical Exam and Vital Signs
  • An in-depth exam and consultation allow you to discuss any concerns you may have.
  • A vaccination review is conducted to assess your immunization history and identify any gaps.
  • An abdominal ultrasound determines if your vital organs are healthy.
Hearing and Vision
  • An audiometric test assesses hearing ability and identifies potential issues.
  • An eye test examines your ability to see objects at near and far distances, with the option to complete a full eye exam with an optometrist for an additional fee.
  • Respiratory function—including lung capacity and airway restriction—is measured and assessed.
Full Panel Blood and Urine Testing
  • Checks for a broad range of indicators for heart disease, diabetes, and kidney, liver & thyroid function.
  • For your convenience and peace of mind, test results are reviewed the same day with a Medcan physician and registered dietitian.
Cardiovascular Health
  • A 12-Lead ECG checks heart function in those aged 35 and older.
  • A cardiopulmonary fitness test measures how well oxygen is being transported in your body.
  • Ankle Brachial Index checks for hardening and narrowing of peripheral arteries.
  • A High Sensitivity Troponin-I test—a cardiac screening lab test—provides an excellent assessment of cardiovascular risk in those aged 35 and older.
  • A muscle and joint assessment tests functional movement, risk of injury, and aspects of strength and flexibility.
  • Customize your nutrition consultation with our dietitian by selecting from a menu of nutrition and diet topics, including (but not limited to): Nutrition for Brain Health, Plant-Based Eating, Protein Nutrition and Women’s Health.
  • The dietitian will provide advice based on your personal interests and goals.
Social and Mental Well-Being
  • Choose to meet with a registered social worker or psychotherapist to assess your cognitive health through a gamified assessment powered by Cambridge Brain Sciences.
  • Afterward, you’ll discuss your current social and mental wellness, as well as steps you can take to improve your physical health during a 45-minute consultation.
Gender-Specific Tests (Men)
  • The prostate-specific antigen test is a simple and non-invasive blood test for the early detection of prostate cancer in men aged 40 and older.
  • Bone mineral density screening helps to identify risk for osteoporosis in those aged 60 and older by looking for thinning of bones and identifying a future risk of fracture.
Gender-Specific Tests (Women)
  • A mammogram for the early detection of breast cancer in women aged 40 and older and, if necessary, a breast ultrasound.
  • A gynaecologic evaluation that includes a pap test, pelvic exam and, for women aged 50 and older, a transvaginal ultrasound to screen for cancer, infections and abnormalities. HPV testing is also available.
  • Bone mineral density screening helps to identify risk for osteoporosis in women aged 50 and older by looking for thinning of bones and identifying a future risk of fracture.