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Annual Health Assessment Protocols FAQs

Our top priority at Medcan is to provide safe, evidence-based care for our clients. Below are the answers to questions you may have about the prescriptions and specialist referrals that may stem from your Annual Health Assessment.

How are prescription and referrals handled at the Annual Health Assessment?
The Annual Health Assessment is a point-in-time assessment focused on prevention and optimal wellness and does not replace the need for continuity of care provided by your primary health care provider.

Medcan physicians will assess prescriptions on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that you receive necessary prescriptions to address immediate or urgent needs until you are able to follow up with your primary health care provider who can monitor your medication over time.

In addition, the Medcan physician will provide referrals to address urgent matters identified during your assessment.

Following your Annual Health Assessment, you will receive a report that includes the physician’s recommendations, including for non-urgent prescriptions and referrals, with the necessary information required for you to follow up with your primary health care provider. You will also receive recommendations regarding preventative screening and wellness services, many of which we provide onsite for your convenience.

What if I wish to receive continuity of care from a Medcan physician?
At Medcan we are able to provide ongoing care for all your health and wellness needs. Specifically, we offer the Dedicated Care and M Care membership programs which are designed so that a physician can follow you throughout the year and safely provide you with comprehensive and continuing care.

Can I become a member in the Dedicated Care program right now?
There is significant demand for our Dedicated Care program at our Oakville location, and we currently have a waiting list of 3 months. We will be increasing the capacity of our Dedicated Care program over the coming months to meet the needs of our clients who require comprehensive and ongoing care of a primary care physician.

Medcan is welcoming clients to consider immediately enrolling in the Dedicated Care program or in the M Care program at our Toronto location.

Visit www.medcan.com/ongoing-care to learn more about Medcan’s membership programs and to enroll. to learn more about Medcan’s membership programs and to enroll.

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