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Providing greater health insights through detailed genetic screening with guidance from a certified genetic counsellor


With one of the largest teams of clinical genetic counsellors in Canada outside of a hospital setting, our personalized genetic offerings provide you with information into your genetic profile to help you better manage your health. Added to your Annual Health Assessment or as a standalone appointment, all enhanced genetic assessments can be in-person or virtual.

Through a simple blood test, we can determine your inherited risk for 45 health conditions including cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease by analyzing more than 160 genes.

$1895plus tax

With a focus on genetic risks for cancer, this targeted version of the Enhanced Proactive Genetic Screening is for those looking to understand and manage their risk of developing a specific range of cancers. Available to anyone regardless of whether they have a family history of cancer.

$1050plus tax

Cardiovascular disease can be a threat to anyone’s health. A targeted version of our Proactive Genetic Screening can help those who want to proactively manage their risk of cardiovascular disease.

$1050plus tax

Your unique genetic makeup can affect your reaction to certain medications. This pharmacogenomic assessment can help reduce the trial and error approach to picking medications and doses, and highlight your risk for potential side effects.

$1050plus tax

Whole genome sequencing empowers you to be even more proactive about your health. With DNA testing of over 4000 genes you will receive a comprehensive view of your potential genetic risks, with clinical guidance from a Medcan certified genetic counsellor and a medical geneticist to help you make evidence-based decisions to improve your health.

Starting from$6000plus tax

If you are considering having children, this screening evaluates genetic risks for your future children, assessing whether you or your partner could be carriers of rare genetic conditions.

$1050plus tax

Using the Verifiᵀᴹ prenatal test from Illumina, this screening for newly pregnant individuals can accurately detect chromosomal abnormalities in a fetus as early as 10 weeks gestation, with results provided within five days.

$1050plus tax

Enhanced Genetic Screening

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