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Longevity by Medcan

Introducing the next era of health optimization

Leveraging precision health technologies and personalized medicine to help you thrive today, and into the future

Longevity by Medcan

Representing the next era in health optimization, this program is centred not just on preventing disease, but creating long-term health with insights into your cardiovascular, cancer, metabolic, and neurodegenerative risks.  

Precision health technologies, remote monitoring, and a consultation from a Longevity by Medcan physician trained in the latest longevity practices converge to provide you with next level health insights. By tracking your progress and identifying proactive steps to optimize your wellbeing, this program aims to increase your lifespan and healthspan so that you can thrive today, and into the future. 

Increase your lifespan and healthspan so that you can thrive today, and into the future.

This remote program conveniently combines an in-depth lab panel with blood glucose monitoring and a sleep assessment – delivered to you in a single kit. After completing the required tests, you will receive a consultation from our Longevity by Medcan physicians, ultimately providing you with key findings, action items, and prioritized next steps to help streamline your path to optimal current and future health. 

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This remote membership combines the benefits of our Base Camp Program with an even greater focus on achieving optimal health. Benefit from quarterly check-ins from Longevity by Medcan physicians, regular testing to monitor progress, a body composition evaluation, cognitive screenings, a genomic analysis, and state-of the-art biometric tracking.   

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Along with the benefits of our Longevity Ascent membership, this concierge level membership provides you with a host of specialized services, direct access to your Medcan primary care physician, and an extensive two-day in-person longevity health assessment. 

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