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Longevity Base Camp

Streamline your path to optimized health

Experience an unparalleled view into the state of your current health and feel empowered to make evidence-based decisions that can impact your future

Gain insights into your health

Focused on assessing your risks in four main areas: cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, cancer, and metabolic – Base Camp conveniently pairs an in-depth lab panel with blood glucose monitoring, a sleep assessment, and a personalized longevity consultation. 


The longevity biomarker panel is a comprehensive, advanced blood testing and urinalysis that provides extensive insight into the state of your current health – evaluating biomarkers associated with chronic inflammation, cancer, and cardiovascular health, as well as metabolic and neurodegenerative issues.

Traditional sleep studies can often be uncomfortable for participants. The Home Sleep Study utilizes a state-of-the art clinical sleep study device that assesses your sleep quality and quantity. It also screens for sleep-related breathing disorders, helping you rule out root causes of future chronic disease.

Continuous glucose monitoring assesses the impact of your nutrition, movement, muscle mass, sleep, and stress on your blood sugar levels in real time, providing you with information about the effects of your lifestyle on your health, and enabling you to make data-driven lifestyle changes.

Partway through your trial, you will receive a consultation with a registered dietitian, helping to ensure you get proper guidance - with results you can see and recommendations you can implement right away.

After you complete the program components, you will receive a consultation with a Longevity by Medcan physician. Your physician will help interpret the results - ultimately providing you with key findings, action items, and prioritized next steps to help streamline your path to optimal current and future health. 

Curated precision health assessments to gain insights into how to optimize your current health and prevent future health conditions.

Guidance and consultation with a registered dietitian to interpret your continuous glucose monitoring results.

One-day Home Sleep Study to learn more about your sleep habits and risks.

Comprehensive biomarker panel that goes beyond screening and helps you understand your potential precursors to disease.

Gain real-time biofeedback about how your diet and lifestyle impacts glucose levels.

Expert guidance from a longevity physician who will share key findings, action items, and prioritized next steps to help streamline your path to optimal current and future health.

Longevity Base Camp

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$3995plus tax

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