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A fully customized experience focusing on improved longevity and quality of life

Partnering with you to deliver care that will help you live well, for life

Our coveted membership provides you with actionable health data, a dedicated team, and a personalized experience to help you take ownership of your health today and in the future. With M Care, you will receive annual treatment plans and a concierge level of medical service which includes robust proactive screening tests. You have a direct line of contact to your dedicated physician for urgent concerns after-hours and on weekends, along with a dedicated nurse consultant who stays on top of your care by working directly with your physician.


A devoted team of health professionals

Including advice from your physician by email or phone, at your request, 7 days a week¹, a care coordinator, and nurse consultant.

Meet your physician where it is most convenient

Your time is valuable. We work with you to make sure you are seen when needed, whether that be at your home, office, or the location of your choice.²

Proactive tests and screenings

Your action plan for living well includes screening and testing for hereditary cancer and cardiac risks, responses to medication, and preventive health measures.

Advice from your physician by email or phone, at your request, 7 days a week.¹

A nurse consultant dedicated to providing results and answering any medical inquiries you may have.

A dedicated care coordinator assigned to all requests related to appointment bookings, referrals, and prescription refills.

Up to five direct visits from a physician per year, where it is most convenient for you.²

Proactive Genetic Screenings for both hereditary cancer and cardiac risks.

Pharmacogenomic testing that evaluates how your DNA affects your response to medication, helping to determine which medications are right for you.

Consultation with a genetics counsellor on preventative health and its impact on disease. 

Through Medcan’s partnership with Mednow Pharmacy, your medication can now be sent to you with no delivery charge.

Should you have plans to travel, you can receive care from medical clinics in over 75 locations in the United States, and internationally through our ROAMD network.

Access extended weekend hours to allow for greater flexibility, should you wish to contact your care team or come in for an appointment at any of our locations.

In the unfortunate event that you become hospitalized while travelling, your physician will work with the local attending physician to develop a discharge plan, and coordinate your medical care in support of a smooth return home.

M Care memberships

Individual membership*, including an Annual Health Assessment$10,900per year, plus tax

*Membership fees are for uninsured services only³

Get preferred pricing on an Annual Health Assessment

As an M Care member, you receive preferred pricing on an Annual Health Assessment.

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