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Ep. 187: Clearing Up Adult Acne

Adult acne affects 5.6 million Canadians (and 75% of them are women!). September is Acne Awareness Month, so in episode 187 of Eat Move Think, we’ve teamed up with Refine, Medcan’s dermatology clinic, for the ultimate guide to adult acne.

Double board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Tran (pictured above) breaks down the who, what, where, when and whys of acne, and how you can know what’s best for your skin.



02:34 Learn about Dr. Jennifer Tran and Refine by Medcan.

03:38 The most frequent questions Dr. Tran hears from clients dealing with acne, and why it can be hard to treat.

06:40 What happens under the surface when you get a pimple?

08:53 What are the different types of acne, and what might be causing it?

12:12 Is it ever okay to pop a pimple?

13:00 Are acne scars permanent, and is there a way to prevent them?

14:02 Which ingredients actually work when it comes to treating acne.

15:41 A crash course to using retinol.

17:15 Do pimple patches work?

17:53 How to treat hormonal acne.

19:05 The fastest way possible to get rid of a pimple safely.

20:02 The lifestyle dos and don’ts of acne.

22:14 Offerings at Refine for Acne Awareness Month.

23:00 Acne can have a big impact on your life and mental health.

24:49 Dr. Tran’s own experience with acne, and how she dealt with a breakout right before her wedding.


This podcast episode is intended to provide general information about health and wellness only and is not designed, or intended to constitute, or be used as a substitute for, medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. You should always talk to your Medcan health care provider for individual medical advice, diagnosis and treatment, including your specific health and wellness needs. 

The podcast is based on the information available at the time of preparation and is only accurate and current as of that date. Source information and recommendations are subject to change based on scientific evidence as it evolves over time. Medcan is not responsible for future changes or updates to the information and recommendations, and assumes no obligation to update based on future developments. 

Reference to, or mention of, specific treatments or therapies, does not constitute or imply a recommendation or endorsement. The links provided within the associated document are to assist the reader with the specific information highlighted. Any third-party links are not endorsed by Medcan.

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