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Ep. 191: Healthy Travelling

Many Canadians are packing their bags for their annual trip down south to spend the winter months somewhere tropical. Travelling has cognitive and physical benefits, so how can you continue to see the world while staying healthy?

Here, Medcan CMO Dr. Peter Nord is joined by Medcan’s clinical director of travel medicine, Dr. Aisha Khatib (pictured above in Machu Picchu, Peru). Learn how you can deal with health issues effectively while abroad, (or even prevent them before you leave). Plus, get tips to zap your jet lag—whether you’re gone for the week or the whole winter.


Our Travel Health team can help prepare you and your family for a healthy trip. To get a country-specific health information package, complete with prescriptions and recommended travel vaccinations, contact 1-416-350-5900 or email clientservice@medcan.com.


0:00 ROAMD is new at Medcan.

03:15 Where in the world is Dr. Nord?

04:25 Meet Dr. Aisha Khatib.

06:08 Dr. Khatib went viral on the internet after she delivered a baby on a plane. 

08:28 The proven benefits of travel

11:34 The number one cause of death in travellers is not disease.

12:45 What a travel medicine doctor will ask you

13:12 Useful resources: the first, best way to protect yourself

15:45 How to know which vaccines you need

18:50 Dr. Khatib’s biggest push: the flu vaccine as a travel immunization 

20:44 Preventing and managing traveller’s diarrhea 

23:06 Decrease your risk of getting COVID while travelling

24:04 Do you need travel insurance?

25:25 Your credit card might not cut it.

26:23 ROAMD: access to 72+ concierge clinics while travelling

27:43 Staying safe in airports and planes

31:56 Lower your risk of blood clots during long travel days

33:44 Sustainability and travel: understand your impact


This podcast episode is intended to provide general information about health and wellness only and is not designed, or intended to constitute, or be used as a substitute for, medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. You should always talk to your Medcan health care provider for individual medical advice, diagnosis and treatment, including your specific health and wellness needs. 

The podcast is based on the information available at the time of preparation and is only accurate and current as of that date. Source information and recommendations are subject to change based on scientific evidence as it evolves over time. Medcan is not responsible for future changes or updates to the information and recommendations, and assumes no obligation to update based on future developments. 

Reference to, or mention of, specific treatments or therapies, does not constitute or imply a recommendation or endorsement. The links provided within the associated document are to assist the reader with the specific information highlighted. Any third-party links are not endorsed by Medcan.

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