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Women's Health

Ep. 199: How to Dial Into Your Performance Potential

Whether you’re giving a presentation at work or competing in a swim meet, there’s nothing more frustrating than having all the tools and the practice in the world, and fumbling under pressure.

Dr. Dana Sinclair, the author of Dialed In: Do Your Best When it Matters Most, knows this better than anyone. She’s a performance psychologist, and she’s worked with high-performers of all kinds (from the Toronto Raptors to Jamie Lee Curtis) to help them reach their potential. Here, Mind Station Team Lead Jennifer Baldachin chats with Dr. Sinclair. Get the best strategies to overcome fear, transform your self-talk, and dial into a performance mindset that lets you access your best self, no matter the circumstances.



03:04 What is a performance psychologist?

04:17 Everyone gets nervous.

04:54 Your performance style, and why it matters.

06:04 How to recognize where you need improvement

07:42 Shift when you drift.

10:29 The four skills to know

12:30 Your plan should look different depending on your performance.

14:57 Your breathing can make all the difference.

17:28 Consider what could go wrong—but not too much.

21:34 Evaluate yourself

23:18 Self-talk

27:00 Make a list of your accomplishments

28:35 The problem with routines and superstitions

31:51 How to improve your performance right now

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