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Ep. 193: 2023: The Year in Wellness

As 2023 comes to a close...

Eat Move Think is rounding up the health and wellness trends and updates that left lasting impressions on such Medcan experts as Shaun Francis, Dr. Peter Nord, Leslie Beck and Dr. Andrew Miners. How did their own personal wellness evolve? What innovations will they be watching next year? And what are the biggest takeaways that you can carry forward to optimize your own health in 2024?



What was the most interesting/surprising thing you learned this year? [03:11]

  • Shaun Francis: Doing something you’re not used to can have surprising health benefits. [03:20]
  • Dr. Peter Nord and Allison Hazell: The importance of sleep and how it affects everything else in our body. [04:08]
  • Leslie Beck: If you can’t sleep, you should get out of bed. [05:46]
  • Dr. Andrew Miners: To grow muscle, resistance train twice a week. [06:59]
  • Dr. Jennifer Zelovitzky: Women should work out to be stronger, not smaller. [07:48]
  • Jennifer Baldachin: The importance of not making assumptions, and asking open-ended questions. [09:19]

What is your #1 tip to listeners for 2023? [11:08]

  • Shaun Francis: Put something in your calendar that gets you out of your comfort zone. [11:25]
  • Dr. Peter Nord: Move your body every day. [12:48]
  • Dr. Andrew Miners: Schedule your exercise to prioritize getting it done. [14:25]
  • Jennifer Baldachin: Watch your consumption of negative news and social media. [15:35]
  • Leslie Beck: Swap out meat with plant based foods. [16:25]
  • Allison Hazell: Don’t forget the basics of your health. There are no shortcuts.[18:03]
  • Dr. Jennifer Zelovitzky: be the CEO of your health. [19:08]

What health and wellness trend will you be watching in 2024? [20:02]

  • Dr. Peter Nord: Ozempic as an addition in your wellness toolbox. [20:25]
  • Leslie Beck: The evolution of precision nutrition [21:52]
  • Dr. Andrew Miners: Diversifying gym spaces to expand their potential
  • Dr. Jennifer Zelovitzky: Plant based nutrition [23:33]
  • Jennifer Baldachin: Expanding on our understanding of the importance of sleep, and tracking it. [24:55] 
  • Allison Hazell: Consistent meditation [29:26]
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