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Ep. 203: What It’s Like to Live With Prostate Cancer


It’s estimated that this year, on average, 76 Canadian men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer every day. In Canada, prostate cancer makes up 22% of all cancer diagnoses in men. However unlike many cancers, prostate cancer is a condition that you can live and even thrive with. Dr. Peter Nord and Dr. Rajiv Singal hear from two Medcan clients who were diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer at Medcan. Hear about their experiences, how you can help prevent prostate cancer, and why a diagnosis does not have to hold you back from living a fulfilling life. 


  • Visit our Men’s Health webpage to learn more about your prostate cancer risk and stay up to date on your screening.
  • See more prostate cancer statistics from the Canadian Cancer Society
  • Read some of the latest research on prostate cancer prevention and management. "...higher intake of plant foods after prostate cancer diagnosis was associated with lower risk of cancer progression," from this 2024 study in JAMA Network Open.


00:57 How common is prostate cancer?

03:44 Your risk goes up with age

4:58 It might not affect your quality of life at all

6:54 Men don’t always advocate for their health

7:55 Meet two Medcan clients who were diagnosed with prostate cancer

9:19 What is PSA?

11:59 Prostate cancer screening: MRI, PSA ratio and biopsy

14:08 Experience and risk of getting a biopsy

16:22 The Gleason Score, and stages of prostate cancer

20:50 Is it cancer or BPH? (benign prostatic hyperplasia) How to know

23:47 Does testosterone increase your risk of prostate cancer?

25:02 Your PSA trend matters more than your current levels

26:24 A regular GP may not have caught this Medcan client’s cancer

27:55 Treatment options: radiation vs surgery

30:55 The importance of being proactive about your health and recovery 

31:34 One man’s post-surgery 10,000 step streak

34:36 Surgery results and recovery

36:52 Lifestyle choices that can prevent an enlarged prostate

37:36 Tips from two of Dr. Singal’s patients

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