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Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation

Navigate the path to recovery with personalized plans

When it comes to muscle and joint injuries, the right care can make all the difference

Our experienced sports therapy and rehabilitation professionals can help you recover from injury and manage your pain

Properly addressing existing injuries can help you feel your best. Our Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation services and programs provide you with a comprehensive list of treatment options for pain management, recovery and ongoing care.


Whether you are dealing with a long-term injury or looking to improve recovery time, we will provide you with the right support to help you navigate your care and bounce back sooner. This 30-minute consultation with a specialized sports medicine physician is designed to evaluate and diagnose muscle and joint related injuries. During the appointment, you will receive actionable recommendations. A medical doctor referral is required for booking.

Experiencing chronic or acute musculoskeletal issues can make a meaningful difference in your day to day life. Our experienced orthopaedic team will help to assess your physical condition and find the source of any pain, then create a care plan with the necessary treatments and your health goals as guiding priorities.

Our physiatry offerings aim to take a complete look at how your medical condition affects their life –  from daily activities, to their occupation, and physical activities. The goal is understanding your physical limitations, and maximizing your abilities, while working to limit mobility issues and pain for anyone experiencing a disability, chronic pain, or a physical impairment.

When it comes to navigating chronic and complex pain conditions, a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach makes all the difference. Medcan’s collaborative Pain Management and Recovery Program provides you with evidenced-based recommendations for an individualized care plan which can include psychological services, nutritional advice, exercise and rehabilitation, and various other therapies.


Our chiropractors provide non-surgical relief from spinal, muscular and joint pain, including myofascial release therapy, Active Release Techniques (ART), and acupuncture. Taking into account your medical history, our team can diagnose issues and develop a personalized treatment plan with an emphasis on education and supportive therapies to reduce the risk of future injuries.

Per session starting from$120after Initial Assessment¹

Our team of registered chiropodists can help you identify issues relating to the foot and toes. From preventive treatments to corrective care for balance and mobility issues, your treatment plan will be focused on meaningful improvements and is fully tailored to your needs and goals.

Per session starting from$75after Initial Assessment²

Osteopathy helps individuals experiencing acute, long-term or complex pain issues through hands-on techniques. Our practitioners work on the muscles, tendons, joints and connective tissues to address and support musculoskeletal, nervous, circulatory, and respiratory functions.

Per session starting from$100after Initial Assessment³ plus tax

Our registered massage therapists can help you return to an active lifestyle and move with greater ease. Massage therapy is a highly effective, minimally invasive, and drug-free treatment that can address issues including chronic and acute muscle pain, neck and back problems, tension headaches, and sports injuries. In addition, massage therapy can help proactively support your physical activity.

Per session starting from$85after Initial Assessment⁴ plus tax

Work collaboratively with our experienced kinesiologists to manage and treat injury, disability or illness with prescription exercise. Through a one-on-one assessment, you will receive a personalized exercise and treatment plan that will facilitate your recovery and improve your overall health and function.

60 minute session$140plus tax

Our team of physiotherapists will work collaboratively with you to improve your wellbeing by helping to restore your mobility and address physical health concerns due to a recent injury, muscle aches and pains, disability, or illness. Focusing on rehabilitation and prevention, some of the conditions our physiotherapists can treat include but are not limited to sports injuries, headaches, and arthritis.

Per session starting from$120after Initial Assessment⁵

Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation

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