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Weight Management & Nutrition

Personalized programs led by world-renowned weight management and nutrition experts

Evidence-based programs that will empower you to achieve your nutrition and weight management goals safely, effectively, and conveniently

Eat well, improve your health, and achieve more

Nutrition and weight management are essential components of maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle. With Medcan’s unique and personalized programs, and a multidisciplinary team of expert clinicians, we ensure that everything you need to achieve your goals is conveniently available to you. Whether you are at the beginning of a weight management journey, or you want to fine-tune your everyday nutrition, our programs offer the latest evidence-based tools.


Whether you are having difficulties losing weight, or have lost weight and are struggling to keep it off, this comprehensive one-year program provides effective and non-judgmental support as you work towards your weight goals. You will receive one-on-one guidance from our interdisciplinary team of expert physicians and dietitians, led by renowned obesity specialist, Dr. David Macklin.

The program includes cognitive behavioural therapy treatment, science-based nutrition education, fitness coaching, body composition analysis, and personalized, one-on-one care throughout. Our expert team will also work to help you identify barriers preventing weight loss, improve your management of cravings, and prepare you to respond positively to setbacks.

Starting from$2995

Designed by one of Canada’s Foremost Dietitians, Leslie Beck 

Leslie begins by first gaining a complete understanding of your nutrition related health goals as well as your medical history, and diet and lifestyle habits. Depending on your goals, we offer three customized nutrition programs. Each includes a personalized meal plan and regular follow-up appointments for ongoing support, education, and accountability. All of our nutrition programs can be accessed either in-person or virtually for your convenience.  

The Optimal Health & Nutrition Program 

This program has helped clients achieve many different goals including lowering cholesterol or blood pressure, preventing, or managing Type 2 diabetes, healthy weight gain, sports performance, eating a healthy vegetarian diet, healthy pregnancy, and more. 

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Program 

Adopting an anti-inflammatory diet can help lower the future risk of inflammation-related chronic diseases. If you have a condition that causes inflammation, such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, or inflammatory bowel disease, adopting an anti-inflammatory diet can help reduce uncomfortable symptoms. 

The Low FODMAP Diet Program for IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) 

The low FODMAP diet is a diagnostic approach that identifies fermentable carbohydrates that can trigger IBS symptoms including abdominal pain, bloating, gas, distention, and diarrhea. As many as 75% of people with IBS can resolve their symptoms by following a low FODMAP diet. 

Starting from$995

Weight Management & Nutrition

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