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Timely and flexible care that fits you and your family’s busy lifestyle

Get same or next-day appointments from an expert team of physicians and nurses, seven days a week

Convenient and timely, Year-Round Care members can expect reliable access to a team of physicians and nurses with same or next-day appointments and after-hours medical advice from an on-call registered nurse. Perfect for families or those with a busy lifestyle looking for greater peace of mind.


Same or next-day appointment availability

Schedule your appointments when it is convenient for you, in-person or virtually by phone or video.

After-hours medical advice

Your questions and concerns never have to wait, with advice from an available on-call nursing professional after-hours.

Get convenient referrals to our in-house specialists

Access to a network of select in-house specialists including dermatologists, sports medicine doctors, dietitians, physiotherapists, and chiropractors for convenient follow up care to address your health needs.

Same or next-day appointment availability with a Medcan physician, in person or online.

After-hours medical advice from an on-call Medcan nursing professional.

Convenient and secure online appointment scheduling and access to your medical records and test results via myMedcan.com.

Appointment availability at our state-of-the-art Medcan facilities across Ontario. 

A preferred rate on a suite of health and wellness services at Medcan.

Access to in-house specialists for convenient follow-up care – including dermatologists, sports medicine doctors, chiropractors, and physiotherapists.

Year-Round Care memberships

Individual membership (per year).*$1300plus tax
Family membership¹ (per year).$2250plus tax

*Membership fees are for uninsured services only ²

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