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Women's Health

Ep. 201: Decoding by the Decade: Women’s Health in Every Life Stage

Featuring: Dr. Jennifer Zelovitzky, Clinical Director of the Menopause and Perimenopause Program at Medcan and Leslie Beck, RD, Clinical Director of Food & Nutrition


As women age, physical and hormonal changes lead to new nutritional and wellness needs. So in episode 201 of Eat Move Think, Dr. Jennifer Zelovitzky and Leslie Beck, RD, team up to guide you through women’s health by the decade. Learn what’s happening inside and outside your body during each decade of adulthood from your 30s onward—and how simple lifestyle and diet choices can help you move through your life with vitality and confidence.



03:05 An exciting time for women’s health

04:33 The 30s and hormone stability

05:40 Regular screenings and STIs

08:55 Protein for vegetarians and vegans

09:40 Fear not the soy!

10:30 The right protein amounts for women in their 30s

11:37 Nutrients for a healthy pregnancy

12:15 The 40s and perimenopause

14:01 Can you really balance your hormones?

15:06 Menopause hormone therapy

16:44 Breast cancer screening

17:25 Bioidentical hormone therapy

20:11 The Dutch test

22:24 Does your metabolism slow down in your 40s?

24:16 Fibre in your 40s

25:47 Treating hot flashes with diet

27:04 Alcohol and your health

29:55 The 50s and menopause

31:00 Muscle mass and estrogen

31:29 Calcium through diet and supplements

34:08 Vitamin D: You’re probably deficient

34:53 Bone density and your risk of fall or fracture

36:59 Protein in your 60s and beyond

38:40 Intermittent fasting 

39:39 The importance of movement for pain management

41:31 The best diets and where to learn more

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