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Ep. 194: How Human Connection Makes You Healthier

Whether you’re an introvert, an extrovert, or somewhere in between

There is robust research showing that your health is directly related to your relationships with the people around you. Here, we break down the benefits of social connection and the health risks of loneliness. Plus, we give you a sneak peek of what Canada’s future Social Connection Guidelines will look like.

Learn how your peers can shape who you are, why it’s tougher than ever to connect, and how you can prioritize your social life to help increase health and lifespan. Join our Mind Station Team Lead, Jennifer Baldachin (pictured above), as she chats with Genwell Project CEO Pete Bombaci, social epidemiologist Dr. Kiffer Card, and The Peer Effect authors Syed Ali and Margaret Chin.



03:07 Who is Pete Bombaci, and what is the Genwell Project?

04:27 What exactly is loneliness, and how can it affect our health?

06:19 According to research, the best way to avoid depression.

08:23 Why don’t doctors check in about our social health, the way they do about diet or exercise?

10:13 It’s not easy to make new connections, especially as adults. Here’s how workplaces can help.

15:27 Dr. Kiffer Card breaks down the resources his team is using to create Canada’s Social Connection Guidelines.

18:27 Hear the current drafts of Canada’s Social Connection Guidelines for individuals. 

21:30 How does in-person connection compare to virtual connection?

23:44 The Peer Effect authors Syed Ali and Margaret M. Chin explain the concept of culture, and cultural capital. 

27:20 How exactly do our peers affect who we are?

29:49 Hear why the authors suggest that diversity training is not an effective way to improve workplace culture. 

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